Learning to love myself (again)

Somehow every year about this time I get a little sad and blue.

I am trying to be proactive this February. Making healthier choices for both physical and mental health.

Getting up earlier, eating breakfast, hydrating all day, Adjusting morning and evening routines a bit. Today I watched Made for More (Rachel Hollis). A lot of great advice on there. I plan on applying some of her strategies, while taking it slow so I don’t get overwhelmed.

I recently ordered 2 books that have inspired me. I have loved Sarah Ban Breathnach for 20 years for the Simple Abundance Book. Now I have Romancing the Ordinary and Something More: Excavating Your Authentic Self. Both are full of nuggets of wisdom to embrace your own happiness.

By reflecting back on my younger years I have realized that some of the simple things that I loved back then still spark joy today. A pink scented candle, perfume in beautiful glass bottles, shiny polished rocks, bits of glass, fresh cut flowers in beautiful vases. They have the power to draw me back to a much less complex time in my life.

I acquired the love of these small treasures from different people who I loved as only a child can love. I had a magical childhood. Fully loved, completely protected and enough freedom to be my own person.

And even as I write this more memories envelope me like a warm blanket. I was loved unconditionally by Mom and Dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Innumerable cousins. $1.00 in penny candy was a ticket to paradise when shared!

To be continued

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