Keep it Simple; Keep it Real

A few Things I have learned that simplify and enrich at the same time.

1. Pray every day. Some days require hourly prayer.

2. Meditation is never a waste of time. It refreshes the soul.

3. Open the windows for a few minutes every day. This allows the bad air (vibes) to escape and lets fresh air in.

4. When I am finished with a book give it away. I will not reread it, and someone else can enjoy it.

5. Never put a dollar amount on your treasures. A few of my best-loved items were probably $1 at a children’s Santa Shop.

6. The less I say “yes” the more time I have for what really matters to me.

7. Life consists of innumerable moments added together. (Appreciate these moments so life doesn’t pass you by)

8. God is ALWAYS in control. Embrace that thought! (Thank goodness I am not in control)

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