Shekinah Glory I am completely immersed in the presence of God (A glorious answer to my plea to go deeper still). This is Shekinah Glory.

While in a dreamlike state I had the following revelation from God Almighty (I am still trembling )

God said to me:

You heartsong to me is more beautiful than Beethoven’s 5th symphony.

I love genuine praise that rises from the most secret and sacred chamber of your soul.

You have glimpsed an infinitesimally tiny portion of what I desire from you.

This is a genuine relationship with the Author and Finisher of the world.

You are becoming what I created for. A mouthpiece to declare My Glory.

I have always known that I was made to adore and declare the Glory of our Almighty.

I had been praying for clarification of my role in life. How to be a part of the Great Commission that Jesus speaks of.

It sounds so easy to lift up our Saviour in genuine praise sparked by a desire to follow Him.

And it is. But it’s not. I must throw off every single teensy bit of self righteousness ( and believe me, we all have this).

I need to find the place where the bullet hits the bone. The place that MATTERS, and lift my praise from this core of my being.

And, oh, the payoff! This is Shekinah Glory Come Down.

I am now at a loss for words.

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